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For review requests contact on twitter @SprtBookReviews or drop me a mail on allsportsbooksreviews@gmail.com.

I love sport.  And I love books.  And I particularly love books about sport.  The best ones are about so much more, of course, and sport is often the best platform for understanding a person, a group, a time or a place.

So why start this blog?  Well, at a particularly busy time in my life & career, I found myself getting quite anxious and stressed.  I decided on a few measures to try and reduce stress – stop reading current affairs that didn’t impact me, delete social media accounts, focus on my own life/health, and, relevant to this blog, re-focus my reading on those books that gave me the most joy.

When I get really busy in work, I sometimes let my own reading drop off.  Everytime this makes me feel much worse so I started this blog partly to keep me ensure I use my leisure time in the activity that gives me the most joy and stress relief – reading great books.

As part of the blog, I’ll be re-reading many of my favourite sports books.  It’s really interesting to me how a book can feel very different at a different time in your life.

I’m always looking for recommendations of sports books – particularity any obscure ones I may not have heard of.  I’ve read 100’s more before I started the blog, but in time I’d like to re-read any of the good ones.

I don’t claim to be a particularly good writer, and the blog posts are generally positive – mostly because I don’t deliberately seek out books I know I won’t enjoy.   I’m really enjoying writing these reviews and glad to get some people reading ’em (two of them have gotten 150+ views and the site overall has had over 1,000 different visitors!).

Over time I hope to write a few different types of articles based on sports books – articles like the ‘one career, two books’ pieces I’ve written on Roy Keane and Tony Adams.  Hopefully as the number of reviews grows, I’ll find more interesting commonalities among sports books to discuss.   So far, I’ll lay claim to ‘Howe’s Law’ –  a requirement that any book covering English football in the 70’s to 90’s period will invariably mention the late, great, Don Howe – former Arsenal and England coach.

I try to tweet about sports books in general at @SprtBookReviews  and post a copy of each review.  Any comments on the site or reviews, find me on twitter or drop me a mail on gingerpele@gmail.com.

I’m always looking for new books to review and always happy to hear from publishers / authors looking for an honest review.

Happy reading,