‘Football Murals: A celebration of soccer’s greatest street art’ by Andy Brassell (2022)

The commercialization of modern football often makes it feel like supporters are customers first and any attempt to display your affection for a particular team is somehow eventually commercialized. Football shirts change every year, ‘fan engagement’ is a cover crypto scams, and tickets are ‘dynamically priced’ to milk every last drop from supporters.

It’s in this context that Football Murals celebrates an alternative aspect of supporter culture – public murals seen around the world featuring iconic players and other references to the beautiful game. This is a beautiful picture book bursting with color and vivid images of murals from all around the world.

What makes the book really stand out is that the accompanying text is thoughtful and considered and adds a depth and understanding to the images. It’s clear the book was a labor of love for Brassell and reflects his own passion for the game.

Seeing all of the murals together in one place serves as a reminder that the same passions and impulses unite all of us who love the sport no matter where and how we live.

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